Lorex 4K Security System | Is Lorex The Best Smart Home Security System? 🤔 #shorts

Lorex 4K Security System. If you are in need of a new security system, the Lorex 4K home security system is a great choice. Follow the below links to check the current price, product rating and read honest product reviews in the description below!

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👉The Lorex Fusion Collection is a group of wireless and Network Video Recorders (NVRs) connected through the Lorex Home App. The NVR may effectively “fuse” wired and wireless systems together when working together!

👉Full Security Camera System: This setup consists of an NVR, 4K UHD grade security cameras, each with an 8MP image sensor and two-way talk.

👉Each camera contains a remote-activated siren and a motion-activated LED warning light for an additional layer of security known as active deterrence.

👉Smart Motion Detection Plus: When either a person or a vehicle enters the field of view of the camera, this system’s face detection or person and vehicle detection will sound an alarm.

👉Using the infrared LEDs, you can capture sharp black-and-white video in the dead of the night or full-color video in environments with ambient light. Color Night Vision

👉With the use of the technology known as “Safeguard,” you can designate up to three “Missing” locations and one “Left Behind” area, which will alert you if anything is taken away from or added to an area.

👉App compatible with Lorex Home Use the Lorex Home app for Android and iPhone to keep an eye on your house or place of business from anywhere.

What is your experience with this 4Ksecurity system? Please let us know in the comments! Thanks for watching.

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